Thank you for the opportunity to introduce our company to you.

Creekside Nursery, Inc. was founded in 1992. As the name indicates, the business was started as a small plant nursery. Eventually, sod removal and sod installation were added to complement the plant business. This played to the strengths of the business owner as he had many years of experience in the sod industry. The business steadily grew in the years ahead from one truck, one forklift, and three employees to, the current status of 5 heavy-duty delivery trucks, 25 forklifts, and 30 full-time employees. In this time period, we also incorporated our own sod fields. We currently have a 150-acre St. Augustine Floratam field and we harvest Bahia at different locations throughout central Florida. This ensures our availability and quality.

Our commitment to service and quality products has helped us build a good client base, and our emphasis in customer relations has given us the ability to maintain most of these clients throughout all these years. We feel that establishing a good working relationship with all our clients is essential to the success of our business.

If given the opportunity to prove ourselves, Creekside Nursery, Inc. will do, our utmost to give you the prompt service, premium workmanship and quality products your company expects. Furthermore, our public relations will immediately address any concerns that should arise.

Thank you again for your interest in Creekside Nursery, Inc.

Zenen Valdes, Owner

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven (Mathew 5:16).

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