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For the first 2-3 weeks water your lawn twice a day, in the morning & mid afternoon for 30 – 45mins. Then water once a day for a week or so (dependent on weather). After the 4th week 2-3 times a week for about 30-45mins is sufficient. After the sod is established, check with the local authorities for water restrictions and water accordingly. The image to the left is a leaf blade folded due to lack of water.
Having a properly working and well laid out irrigation system is critical to a healthy lawn.

A light application of a GOOD QUALITY fertilizer is essential to the proper growth of the new lawn. Apply frequently during period of establishment or when being frequently watered. A good rule of thumb is to fertilize in March, July, & October. Different fertilizer analysis are available from your local distributors. A 16-4-8 containing minor elements is a good choice.

There will be very few weeds in your new lawn, however over time weed seeds will sprout. Mostly this can be prevented by regular mowing and keeping your lawn well fed. If the weeds are of the creeping variety use weed killer in a small hand sprayer & spray directly. Another alternative is to use a weed-and-feed combination type product and then follow up with a regular fertilizer application in 2-3 weeks.

Mowing Blades
It is recommended that you sharpen the TIPS of the blades on your rotary mower before every usage. When sharpening disconnect the spark plug wire for safety, then use a file to sharpen the blade tip.

Mowing Heights
Most grasses benefit from being mowed from 2-3 inches high. If grass is excessive in height remove in 2-3 inch intervals.

There are several treatments available dry or liquid and in combination with fertilizer. Watch for slight differences in the color, firmness, and appearance of your lawn. These could be the first signs of an insect problem.

Fungus attacks all grasses to a differing degree but sharp mowers and adequate fertilizing are a good defense. During periods of humidity watering after 1 or 2 am will wash germinating spores off foliage. Make sure your lawn company is not bringing in fungus from somewhere else. Ask them what they do to protect your lawn.

It is only a matter of time before sod installed in shade starts to deteriorate. Mowing at a higher setting and fertilizing in smaller doses more often may help in shaded areas.

Check your lawn on a weekly basis and ask questions if you see anything suspicious. We are here to help, and are glad to do so. If you have any questions please contact us.

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